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Before I even knew what “graphic design” was, I was branding my racecar drawings with clean lines and logos and developing campaigns for new lines of skate gear.

Since then, what I’ve found from projects I’ve led, teams I’ve worked with and experience that I’ve built over the past 14+ years is that my job title is no longer so simply defined. Graphic designer? Sure, but that’s just the beginning. From comprehensive branding, layout & design work to office space & exhibit design, I’ve been sought out to directly lead projects and/or advise on others that often fall outside the realm of traditional graphic design.

Milton Glaser said it best in the 2008 documentary “To Inform & Delight”:

It didn’t matter whether I was called an artist or a designer or illustrator or whatever else it was. The core value was always the act of making things, and the transformation of an idea that you hold in your mind that becomes real or material. That to me, still, is the glory of any creative activity.

enjoy, matt

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