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September 5, 2012 / matthas

Venn diagram of emotions for Colts fans

The NFL season is mere hours away. Corporations have lost millions in productivity to fantasy football. And Colts fans have lost countless hours of sleep mentally wrestling with the goings-on of the past Spring.

Manning was cut, but it was the fans who bled. And wept. And reconsidered the names of their toddlers. But wait! Who is that on yonder horizon? Atop a white stallion, backlit by a dawning sun, neck beard in all its glory, sits Andrew Luck. The new face of the franchise.

Thanks P – good luck in the Rockies!

Welcome to the age of  instant gratification, where a 4 time MVP is gone in the blink of an eye. “It’s a business” they say, and most Colts fans will never forget this very business-like goodbye:

Arghh. Seriously? Why did you have to add the violin to that?!?!? I’ll give you (me) a moment to collect your(my)self.

In reality, the 2012 NFL season is a mixed bag of emotions for most Colts fans. Are we Colts fans if we want to see Peyton succeed … or Manning fans? Can we be both? One thing’s for sure – nothing illustrates mixed bags of emotions quite like a venn diagram.

Enter the word-smithery assistance of one Roy Hobbson. Roy helped me put the perfect amount of “weird & borderline incoherent” that I needed to polish up this piece.



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